Saturday, October 20, 2007

Grand-dad Alex tells his tale


From time to time since my retirement in 1977 (at the age of 60 years) it has been suggested to me by family and friends that I might commit to paper some of the stories of my life. This I have now decided to do, so that my grandchildren, at least, may be given an insight into a few of the many interesting experiences which have come my way over the years.

I have deliberately refrained from dealing in depth with my professional career with the Electricity Supply Industry in South Scotland and have omitted what one might call 'The story of 50+ years of marriage to a Meldrum quine'!

My thanks to my daughter Anne and my daughter-in-law Janis for their constant encouragement.

Thanks also to Iona Jamieson who undertook the unenviable task of transforming my manuscript into legible form.

And my warm gratitude to Iain, my son, who was responsible for producing "my tale" in its present form.


Splinta said...

A great read. I am doing the family history and my mother Isabella Ralph Davidson was born in 1921 and lived at 104 High Street Ardersier with her parents Alexander & Isabella Davidson. Isabella, her husband Wiiliam Connolly and 3 boys, David, Dennis and Leslie all moved to Australia in 1956 and I write this piece from Perth WA.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write down your history and recollections. I look forward to finishing the read.

Job well done.
Kindest Regards
Leslie Connolly

Milky Bar Kid said...

Leslie, It is wonderful to get your message here. SO we must be related. How do I contact you? You can contact me via
best regards,

Splinta said...

Hi Iain

I did reply to you at your AOL email address last week but not sure if you got it. I can be contacted at
My brother Dennis (65)is a couple of years older than me and he recalls visiting an Elspet or Elsie at 113 High St. back in the early 50s.Please contact me when u get the chance as I would love to chat more about our common history.
Kindest Regards
Les Connolly

Wilma said...

Hello. The Jemima Falconer mentioned in your father's story is my Mother's great grandfather's step g-grandmother. I am wondering if we could connect with you to ask a few questions about Jemima and Ark Cottage. Best for now, and thanks for the wonderful read.


Milky Bar Kid said...

Hi Wilma, I have no way to contact you. You can contact me by email at
Iain Cameron